Friday, November 9, 2012

Casma Palla Palla denounces Mining Group in Peru after receiving threats (Reuters, WEB)

 On September 26, 2012, at hrs. 3:30 a.m.. approximately 150 individuals / hooded arrived at Palla Palla Casma Caserio location, San Xavier District Alpabamba, Paucar del Sara Sara Province, Ayacucho. The is town located at 4,500 meters above sea level, and the criminal attacks caused by off duty policemen sponsored by the Suyamarca Group (SAC) and approached the people while they were sleeping, these people who were hired by Suyamarca began to destroy, pillage, stealing, assaulting using irons, sticks and guns. In this situation the villagers tried to defend himself but these criminals were in excess, many farmers ended up with broken heads, and other body parts were later treated at the Hospital of Pauza (capital of the province), also these criminals stole personal objects of humble houses, money and some animals such as llamas, alpacas, sheep and others, kidnapping two of them were later released. These attackers are fully identified some as mining workers Suyamarca SAC, Quellopata Mining SAC, Belonging to Hochschild Mining Group (British mining company), companies that recognize this fact in his speech claiming that they own the land they occupy this humble indigenous town .

                   The day after these events September 27, 2012. Caserio representatives Casma Palla logged their complaint with the Office of the Provincial Criminal Prosecutor Pauza by the following facts: For crimes of usurpation, theft, damage and Kidnapping. So far the authorities have not been present in this town to assess damages or verify the complaint against this company Hochschild Mining Group, a mining corporation based in the United Kingdom. After the turn of event, the President of Casma Palla Palla, Mr Santos Sabino Calla Cayo said " In Peru there is much indifference, companies are very powerful to silence any claims of this type, so there are many very large social conflict in this country."

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