Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Residents of Casma Palla Palla demand Hochschild PLC Mining Group to respect their Environment

December 12, 2012:

The association of the Caserio Casma Palla Palla, located in the district of San Javier of Alpabamba of the province of Paucar del Sara Sara (Ayacucho) has confronted a the mining group as the foreign based mining group trespass the communities' properties. For a lengthy period has been knocking various legal doors throughout the Peruvian government structures in an attempt to be heard over a problem themed as socio-environmental whose residents are facing a critical legal conflict of the concession that granted the Hochshild mining group the exploration to potentially excavate raw material such as gold, silver and copper at the location that pertains to the hamlet and surrounding areas.

Despite the time passed, there has been no legal formalities that indicated responses from government authorities. According to the association's President, Mr Santos Calla Cayo, on September 26 of 2012 residents of the community were ransacked and brutally assaulted by aggressors hired by the people of interest of moving the community out of their property.

Police report indicated signs of properties and clothing belonging to the Caserio Casma Palla Palla destroyed in this aggravated assault. The lawsuit was submitted to the Province fiscal Court of Paucar del Sara Sara in Pausa. The hamlet Casma Palla Palla is said to be much closer to the district of Oyolo. And the local police authorities of the jurisdiction sector has not initiated the investigations on the identified aggressors.

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